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Sunday 8 December 2013

Holidays in Action and 2014!

After last year's eye-opening December when all my titles dropped drastically down the charts but sales remained the same, then recovered their positions in January, I decided to try to retain at least a little visibility against the onslaught of 'big publishers' and their advertising campaigns by trying that solid old staple - the Christmas sale.

The new Drake - The Swords of Babylon - is still in the top thirty in the UK, and the sale titles - The Bones of Odin and The Blood King Conspiracy - have jumped about thirty or forty places into the top forty as I write. The US fares similar. Who knows what the next couple of weeks will bring as the publishers increase their spending but at least it's a case of 'so far so good'.

A milestone was passed this year. Over 200,000 copies of my books have been sold since March 2012 and I'd like to take a minute to thanks all the readers who have parted with their cash, all the fellow authors who have offered and shown support, and everyone else who has helped in any way. I hope I repay my readers with more escapist adventure in 2014 and my fellow authors with even more support.

The Drake series, following numbers 7 and 8, which deal with the Blood King and Coyote respectively, will continue in a new direction. Yup, there are hints to where we're heading in Drake 7, but I feel constantly moving forwards is what helps keep a series fresh and fun, and will endeavour to do just that.

To that end I have recently offered a FREE short story through my website. It's called THE NINTH DIVISION, and tells the story of how Matt Drake first met Alicia Myles whilst fighting a militant army in Africa. If you would like a copy go to my website and send me an e-mail.


In the new year my first release will be the much anticipated Blood Vengeance. Around January 14th, you will be able to see just what the Blood King has in store for Drake's team, the President of the US, and Washington DC. Who lives and who dies? Well, as Alicia Myles would say - live it like you'll never live it twice.

After that it's Disavowed 2 and Chosen 2 (at last!) and then Drake 8 - all hopefully released by July 2014 unless my fingers drop off from too much typing!

So happy holidays to all. It's been a great year in the Leadbeater household with my oldest daughter starting school and my youngest starting to talk. The word 'magic' does not do it justice.

Cheers all. The new cover for Blood Vengeance will be revealed soon!