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Thursday 16 February 2012

Avenging Serenity

Avenging Serenity (or- ‘Whedonising the masses’)       posted on February16th 2012 by David Leadbeater

Ah, where did all the Browncoats go? Still licking their wounds, I guess.
    Will we ever forget poor old Alan Tudyk being impaled at the end of Serenity? Or the spine- tingling, utterly immortal words of Summer Glau: “My turn. . .” Our desperation suddenly and expertly turned to fire.
    So, with his new movie will Joss finally avenge the death of Firefly, the greatest Space Western of our time?
    If anyone could. . .
    Our hopes are on fire. The reason I’m connecting Firefly with The Avengers is because we all know the problems that plagued the show from Upstairs.  Make this happen, they said. Make that happen, they said, whilst flicking the oily disinterest from the collars of their Saville Row suits. Malcolm Reynolds is too dour, too aggressive. The pilot ain’t right so let’s run it out of order, oh, and then let’s run some of the other episodes out of order too. That’ll solidify the viewership.
    Now Marvel are just Marvel, I guess, a huge entity of its own. But there’s no getting away from the fact that they know what they’re doing. Let me say this (too late): give Whedon free-reign, let him experiment. He will breathe new life into your aging characters. He will bring new blood to what has occasionally become a bloodless franchise. The Mutant Enemy is your salvation, my friends.
    My proof? Ask any Whedonite if they watch any new series or movie that involves a Whedon-branded actor? Well, the answer’s clear, and it’s all about the cult status. An actor achieves this status when he’s been Whedonised. Real word- just added it to my Thesaurus.
    And one more whisper into the ear of the masses: http://www.cantstoptheserenity.com/
    -they aim to misbehave in support of charity and have raised over $150,000.00 so far by movie screenings alone.
    And the trending goes on.
    The Avengers already has cult status, it started when they announced the name of the Director.