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Tuesday 18 December 2012

On a Personal Note:

As it’s nearing the end of an amazing breakout year, I hear you ask – what’s coming next?
Well, unless Joss Whedon finally gets his act together and drops me a line the initial Matt Drake series will reach an explosive climax in January with Book 4 – The Tomb of the Gods. Tomb will not only tie up all the current loose ends in the action-packed manner you are already accustomed to, but lay the groundwork for a fantastic new direction I have planned for Matt Drake, a different, intriguing concept.
More on that later – and by ‘later’ I mean at the end of Tomb of the Gods. . . J

So…that will be up first for 2013. Then, if time and circumstance allow, I’m looking at releasing 4 more books next year. This would include Drake 5 (…lost at sea…?) and the start of a great new series I’m already developing. I’d also like to throw something new out there to my readers – Let’s go interactive!! What would you prefer next?  – Drake 5, Chosen 2 and 3, or the new series….please leave a comment or send an email to the usual address.

I’m really pleased that, despite only starting in March and working a full time job, I managed to write three books this year. The enthusiastic personal emails from readers and the very supportive and evergreen group of online authors are the things that make it all worthwhile. I can’t express my gratitude enough. A huge thanks to all.

On a different note I have recently joined a new group of innovative, forward-thinking authors who will try to take things to the next level in the new year. They are called Bestselling Reads -  www.bestsellingreads.com  (new website coming soon) - Twitter handle - @bestsellingread - so maybe check them out. There are some great writers involved and you’ll be hearing a lot about them in 2013.

And that’s it. Spread the cheer, have a drink for Drake and the team and me. Ok, maybe not for Drake. Make mine a double Rum and diet Coke (yeah, I never said I was normal).

Drake and I will see you early 2013 for the kind of action that might just set your Kindle on Fire. J