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Monday 19 August 2013

Guest Author - Micheal Rivers

     This weeks Guest Spot belongs to Micheal Rivers, bestselling Paranormal Thriller author of The Black Witch and Verliege among others. Micheal is also a paranormal investigator. If you're reading this with the lights down low, now's the time to turn them all the way up! If you enjoy Micheal's interview check out his work here:

1.   When did you start writing and was there any particular event that drew you to the pen?

A: I have been writing most of my life. There was always something about seeing the words written in books that held a certain fascination for me. I was like a lot of other children of my time and thought how great it would be to see a book with my name on it.
A pen is like a magnet to me, always has been. I guess you could say there was too much inside of my head to just leave it there. 

2.   Do you have a favorite character from another author’s book?

A: Alexander Dumas’s characters are excellent. I would say his characters among a host of others have a natural draw to me. I really can’t say one character in particular could be called my favorite.

3.   Do you pre-plan your stories or are you a take-it-as-it-comes writer?

A: Good question, but a bit complicated. I would have to say the stories as well as the characters plan for themselves and I figure out how to place them correctly into the stories. The way my mind works sometimes I wonder who is controlling who. It comes to thoughts of everyday living and how that particular character or characters would handle what is happening with them.

4.   Where does your inspiration comes from? What motivates you?

A: My inspiration comes from every breath I take. Motivation is a powerful tool, but I would have to say the world itself motivates me in more ways than I care to contend with at times. Look at the world, its history of mankind, and the wonders and mysteries we cannot explain away in a single breath. Therein lays all the motivation you could ever ask for.

5.   Do you have set schedule to write to or do you grab the time as it comes?

A: I write whenever possible. There are times when I have to get away from it just to be able to collect my own thoughts in lieu of passing on the thoughts and stories of all there is around us. I guess you could say I take small vacations from it to visit with myself.

6.   How do you take writing interruptions?

A: The reactions vary. For trivial things I ignore them while with others I ignore them also if I am deep into something. At times I will get a little peeved because I don’t want to derail my train of thought and lose something I feel is important. Make a note concerning it. That is not the same as the flow of what is happening at the time. There are times when you tie an emotion to what you are writing and don’t want it to change until you are finished.

7.   What do you enjoy and what do you hate about writing?

A: I love everything about writing. I can write on walls, trains, the neighbor’s cat, makes no difference. I do have some qualms concerning peripheral elements of writing but it is a necessary evil we all have to contend with.

8.   What’s your advice as to how to handle a bad review?

A: Ignore it unless it is good advice. What you write is not going to be for everybody so face the judge with a smile.

9.   What other projects do you have on the boil? How about a brief line or two about the sequel to The Black Witch? And can you give us an insight into the brand new action/adventure novel you are currently writing?

A: I have four manuscripts on the burner at this time. I am writing one out of my genre based on an actual person, fiction of course. This will be a series. It is action adventure and a host of other deviltry thrown in for good measure. It involves world travel, intrigue, and world politics.
The Black Witch has a sequel in the works and it involves the grandson and his wife from the original characters of the book. This one seems a bit tricky but it is coming along nicely. My favorite of the other two is titled Scratch. Prepare to sleep with the lights on. 

      10. Does social networking improve your sales?

 A: Social networking is very important for more reasons than just sales. It is a very good way to be            connected with your readers and well as other authors. In answer to your question, yes it does help with your  sales.

11. Please tell us one of your interesting stories about your role as a paranormal investigator.

A: I enjoy investigating the paranormal as much as I possibly have time for. I had a friend come to my house asking me to repair a toy teddy bear that belonged to her son. The bear was not unusual in the way of toys in any form. It was small and held a flashlight in its left hand. It was a comfort for a child in the dark who is trying to fall asleep and keep the boogeyman at bay. If you pushed the button attached to the bear it would speak and give the child a thrill knowing it talked to him. The bear had stopped working entirely.
I have a lot of knowledge concerning things like this because of building and working on animatronics for an amusement park. So I checked it out and found it could not be repaired without a great deal more than the toy was valued at. I removed the batteries and told her the sad news. She had already replaced the bear with another, but she had not given it to him as of yet.
I placed the bear in the corner of the living room and continued our visit. Later that night we decided to hold a session trying to see if any spirits were in the neighborhood who wanted to connect with us, hoping to get some useful information. We got more than we bargained for. My home had a lot of paranormal activity on a regular basis and that night did not disappoint us. As we started to ask questions my equipment showed absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. But, with each question the flashlight in the toy bear’s hand would light on and off in answer.
Keep in mind the bear was broken beyond repair with no batteries to conduct electricity and any other means to make the flashlight work. The entity who was operating the toy bear was a female child whose father also was in the room. His name was Clyde. We could never get the child to tell us her name.

Thanks David for having me on your blog, wishing you much success with your future endeavors.

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