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Thursday 17 May 2012

Of Matt Drake and Escapism

Of Matt Drake and Escapism.

With each new release of the Matt Drake series, I think it important to draw attention to this short piece I wrote regarding the  novels.

Plainly put, if you want something a bit literary, look elsewhere. Try my short story - Walking with Ghosts - But if you want fast-paced, escapist action laced with humour and written with energy by a writer who loves writing, then grab yourself a sample of The Bones of Odin. If you like the first chapter – you’ll like the rest of the book.
Same goes for the second book in the series, and the third…

If you’ve had a hard day at work and get home wanting to unwind with a book and maybe a glass of wine, or you like to read an hour before bed without having to tax the mind too much then the Matt Drake series is aimed at you.

These stories are actually designed to take you away from your day without engaging too much of the brain matter. Yes, there’s an actual plan, a conscious effort to do it.
So, no excuses.

If you want to escape. . . dive into Matt Drake.

And while we're at it the third and fourth in the series are out now and the fifth is looking good for an April/May 2013 release.


  1. Well Done, David! I finally made it to your BONEY Blog...(((*~*)))...Wishing you much success. Thanks for your support ♥☆ ƸӜƷ☆♥

  2. Thanks MG. You are a shining star of the Twitterverse :)